Best Mess provides a complete horse show management system running on Windows, MacIntosh, and Unix. Thirty Two years of extensive development with several senior horse show secretaries, breed associations, and industry experts has resulted in a state-of-the-art show management program designed to satisfy your every wish and need.

An easy to use pictorial instruction manual with unlimited phone and eMail support are standard with the program. A horse show secretary’s best friend. Work shows and still have a life. Requires fewer hours than any other way of working a show. Simple, complete, easy!

  • A Typical Entry Screen. This screen shows Classes and class related information.


AHA, USEF & AQHA Standard Class List and USEF Judge Card Class Specification come preloaded and linked. Automatic payback calculation and distribution of scaled paybacks, six selective systems available. Payback/Refund check writing and complete show bookkeeping with financial statements.

  • Customize: If you have a need or a new idea, define the need or idea and it will be provided.